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At Bethany House we aspire to support women, and women with children, through transition to
stability. We begin by providing shelter, and meeting the basic needs of our guests, in a welcoming
and safe, home-like setting. We offer programs which provide a continuum of care that starts with
emergency shelter, moves into transitional housing, and culminates in permanent housing and greater
self-sufficiency. Ultimately, we strive for our guests and their children to experience a sense of
self-worth and belonging in response to their experience with our dedicated staff and volunteers.
Bethany House is built on a foundation of community support and partnerships, that include
government agencies, faith-based organizations, non- profit service providers, colleges and
universities as well as corporate sponsors and foundations.

As challenging as 2020 was, we took it as an opportunity to step back and assess our values,
refresh our mission, reset our priorities, and set a clear path for the future of Bethany House.
In 2020 we:
• Named a new Executive Director to lead us through a period of transition;
• Added nine new members to the Bethany House Board of Directors to enhance our
governance and oversight;
• Trimmed our administrative services and expenses, and invested in strengthening our
direct services;
• Built up our partnerships with universities and colleges to offer enhanced, clinical
mental health, social work, pastoral care, health and social services;
• Upgraded our financial, quality assurance and facilities management and oversight
systems through an advanced board committee structure;
• Updated and revised our by-laws, financial manual, committee charter and employee
handbook to ensure best practices;
• Worked with our Nassau County and New York State government agency partners to
refine and improve our policies, procedures, services and oversight practices;
• Put systems in place to gather data to help us better understand the women and
children we serve and track outcomes going forward;
• Started the process to secure New York State Certification for Bethany House in
• Substantially increased our base of financial and material donors;
• Put a computer-based system in place to help keep in touch with our broad base of
• Upgraded our social media platforms and are redesigning our website;
• Set an Early Literacy initiative in motion.

We closed out 2020 with an extraordinarily successful annual appeal, which confirmed that the
people of Nassau County care deeply for women and children in need. We are so very grateful for,
and were inspired throughout 2020 by, our volunteers and neighbors who gave so generously of their
time and treasure to support the mission and work of Bethany House.
We look forward to continuing to carry out the mission of Bethany House in 2021 and beyond, as we
work with our friends, supporters and partners to support women, and women with
from crisis through healing to sustainability.

Douglas O'Dell
Executive Director
Bethany exists to strengthen and assist women and children who are deprived of the basic resources required for natural and healthy growth and development.


625 Demott Avenue Baldwin, NY 11510


(516) 868-6866



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