Long-Term Housing for Mature Single Women

long-term-housing-long-islandSince early in 2007, BETHANY HOUSE has used one of its emergency residences to house and provide support services for older/single women who live on fixed, minimal incomes. Concern for these women has motivated us to recognize and respond to their needs:

  • Rents for single rooms are now more than double the shelter allowance provided by the Department of Social Services. (DSS pays $288/month for rent, while average rooms in Nassau County rent for $600-$650/month.)
  • Many of these women have been living alone due to the loss of a spouse through death or divorce.
  • Many of these women have adult children who are unable or unwilling to assist them.
  • Most of these women do not want to live alone, and seek out support and companionship of women in similar circumstances.

Therefore, BETHANY HOUSE has purchased a house in Baldwin where a small group of these women can live together in a community setting, share house chores, and participate in the many programs Bethany House offers to help them obtain greater self-sufficiency.

This venture is another of Bethany's pilot programs: easily replicated and a workable solution for housing mature, low-income, single women in the safe, secure environment they deserve.

PLEASE NOTE: Bethany House has used its Housing Fund monies to purchase this new house and has sought help from federal funds to repay the investment. We still need financial assistance to furnish the house, to provide insurance, utilities, food, and minimal staffing.

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