Random Acts of Kindness

Random actsSeven-year-old Sebastin loves to visit Bethany House with his grandmother, Pat Watson, a caring woman and faithful volunteer who has been a familiar face at Bethany for many years.  When Sebastin comes to Bethany with her, he plays with Shadrach,  and the children and spends time talking with the ladies who like to speak with this “grown-up” young man.  He feels very much at home there.  
     Sebastin listens to everyone talking about different events that will be happening at Bethany.  His grandmother explains that there are times when people come together to enjoy a good supper, talk about special people, and collect money to help the women and children who come to Bethany House.  Sebastian looks for Sister Aimee because he wants to tell her something.  When he finds her, he takes hold of her hand, opens it and puts some coins in it.  Sister Aimee looks and sees 22 cents sitting in the palm of her hand and asks him what this is for.  He looks up at her with his smiling face and says, “I emptied my piggy bank. I want the children at Bethany House to have it.”
     I can say, and I am sure you will all agree, that we are the ones to do the “thanking!”   Thank you, Sebastin, for sharing the treasures of your piggy bank with us and for helping us with the children.  All of us at Bethany really appreciate you and your wonderful and loving RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS!                       Jessie Fentnor