From our home to yours: February

I have had a lifelong fascination with Mandala artwork.  A Mandala is a circular depiction used to focus attention on the center, on the object or the symbol that is most important. Mandala art is found in almost every culture and religious tradition.  I believe that the Mandala, in its highest form, can be more than visual art, it can be an idea. The idea that we all need to put aside our small differences, and focus on the things in the center of our lives that are most important.  Bethany House embodies this idea- it is a place where people can put aside their differences, and come together to work for the greater good.

Bethany House is a place where people from all walks of life come together to successfully move homeless women, and women with children, from uncertainty to sustainability, two generations at a time. In these trying times, while people find so much to disagree about, Bethany House provides a space in which people of all ages, from all sides of the political spectrum, and from every religious tradition, can come together to support homeless women and children in their time of critical need.

At Bethany House, our board members, staff, volunteers and supporters come from varying backgrounds, and as such, have many differences of opinion.  But there is one thing we all agree on: Bethany House is a place where we can come together, and focus on what is most important–the wellbeing of the homeless women and children we provide for. It is through our collective work, and the relationships we have built with the women and children we serve, that we have found the place where we are all truly fulfilled.

Why do we do it?  In the words of Jean Vanier, “By including the excluded, we are all made whole.“

So, we ask that you join our extended family at Bethany House, and work alongside us for the greater good. By helping the homeless women, and women with children, that come to us in their time of greatest need, you too will find joy, meaning and gratification.