From our home to yours: May 2022

Neighbors Taking Care of Neighbors 

These days, when we are subjected to so much distressing news, we wanted to share the GOOD news from Bethany House: people on Long Island care about each other, and hope and compassion are alive!

Bethany House is a place where people on Long Island come together to take care of their neighbors in need.  People from all sides of the political spectrum, faith-based organizations of every denomination and people from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds come together to support the women, and women with children at Bethany House, who are challenged by homelessness.

Every day, individuals from across Long Island offer financial support and much needed material goods to the women and children at Bethany House.  Many people directly support our guests through volunteering.  Corporate donors and foundations provide needed financial support that ensures the women and children successfully transition from homelessness to sustainable permanent living.  Students from Molloy University, Nassau County Community College, Fordham University and the New York Theological Seminary intern in our programs, providing support to our guests and their children. People from thirty-two diverse faith-based organizations provide ongoing support and encouragement directly to the women and children at Bethany House.

Our neighbors and friends have provided our guests and their children with holiday gifts, school supplies, catered meals, groceries and brand-new furniture and household supplies for departing guests who are setting up their new homes. Others have connected directly with our guests and their children by providing tutoring to adults and children, in-house arts and entertainment activities, reading groups and financial and personal care workshops. 

Most importantly, people on Long Island communicate through active involvement with Bethany House that they care about their neighbors in need. This compassion, expressed through action, assures the women and children we serve at Bethany House that they are loved. 

And so, we thank you Long Island, for all of your support and care. We could not provide for our guests the way that we do, without you.