From our house to yours: March 2023

A common theme in my reflecting on the happenings here is how Bethany House, on a daily basis, experiences neighbors helping neighbors.  Blue Waters Boutique has been providing birthday gifts, clothing, Chrome Books and dinner donations to  our guests for many years now on a regular basis.  Not only is their support monumental to our guests, but so is their passion.  This month, I’d like to share a message about the passion behind our neighbor Blue Waters’ involvement with Bethany House.   

“Bethany House is more than just a women’s shelter; it’s a bridge for women to crossover to find peace, success and a bright future on the other side. This “bridge” is perpetually being built by the selfless team at Bethany House. This team have given their lives to make sure these unfortunate women of society rebuild their lives. 

Before I was a successful business owner, I was a single mom of three children. I was not in any danger, but felt the turmoil of struggling financially, working three jobs and trying to raise children on my own. That experience gave me a heart and passion for women trying to get through life with what has been served to them. Once I became successful within my own business, I knew I had to find an avenue to support women that are in need. I came across Bethany House since they are in my community and asked to meet with them.  

From that first meeting until now, I am always amazed at the love, compassion and pure benevolence of the team working at Bethany House. They are completely committed to guiding these women and children to rebuild their lives. Every time I visit there, I leave with a heart full of life and admiration for a staff so dedicated to the cause at hand; it is perfectly overwhelming. 

Bethany House truly exists to strengthen and assist women and children who are deprived of basic resources. The beautiful home atmosphere they have created where basic living needs are met is to be commended. Bethany House is devoted to working tirelessly to assure and protect the self-worth and self-respect of every individual that enters their program. And for these reasons will I continue to contribute to the success of this venture within my community. I stand behind Bethany House whole heartedly and know they have and will change many lives. “Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it might change the world for one person”.  

~Shannon Drinkwater, Owner, Blue Waters Boutique
Thank you to Blue Waters Boutique and our generous supporters!