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Aside from the obvious health concerns and difficulties that COVID-19 brought upon Bethany House, another unfortunate side affect from the pandemic was that the volunteer and extracurricular activities that make our homes so lively and enjoyable for our guests had to come to a halt.  Recently, however, with safety protocols in place and the pandemic in a better place, we are so excited and grateful to bring all of these activities back with a boom! 

A Women's Empowerment Group has deeply engaged many of our guests, providing insightful activities for them to participate in.  Mindfulness Bingo, Would You Rather, Trivia Night, Vision Boards and Painting Birdhouses are all sessions that have been held for the women in our homes to facilitate a fun activity while providing therapeutic services to them.  

Reading partners, game night, financial literacy and movie night are other events that are underway at our houses.  Special thank you to all of our volunteers and interns who make these great events happen.  If you would like to volunteer with Bethany House, please visit https://bhny.org/contact-us

Volunteers from Unified Women's Healthcare joined Bethany House in celebrating all of the academic success our guests have achieved over this past school year. Unified Women's Healthcare generously donated a delicious meal, decorated our homes with balloons, and facilitated games with our guests. 

Our first annual Garden Tour was a wonderful success!  Thanks to all our supporters who strolled through the magnificent gardens of three homes and a community garden in Rockville Centre, as they were guided by the owners of the properties and volunteers.  This was followed by a delightful lunch at Chat Noir, where Maggie Gray of New Leaf, Inc. demonstrated how to create a container garden.  Her secret?  Include thrillers, spillers and fillers!  Special thanks, of course, go to our gracious garden hosts – Marty Bevilacqua, Nadine & Don Gelestino, and Karen & Wayne Lipton!  They were so kind to receive all the visitors to their homes in support of the women and children at Bethany House. Almost $2500 was raised to be used for ancillary services to our residents. Plans are underway for another Garden Tour next June in 2023. Anyone interested in having their gardens featured can send photos to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please visit our website, www.bhny.org, to see more photos of this beautiful day.

Bethany House says thank you to John Donlon for donating not just the food and decorations for our pride celebration but for also donating his time and voice to us. John was able to share his knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community as well as his own life stories with us. During the celebration we decorated the house in rainbow streamers and balloons with the help of our guests and kids, listened to music by LGBTQ+ artists and icons from a playlist that one of our guests prepared for us, and engaged in conversations about LGBTQ+ struggles, realities, and histories. After the celebration one of our guests said, "These are the kinds of conversations I want my daughter to be able to be a part of."

Volunteers from Calvary Tabernacle joined Bethany House in celebrating Juneteenth. They generously donated not only a delicious soul food meal consisting of fried chicken, mac n cheese, collard greens, corn bread, and more. They decorated our homes with red, yellow, green, and black decorations to celebrate Juneteenth. Dawn West, of Calvary Tabernacle, led us in conversations about the history of Juneteenth, black culture, and black pride. We are grateful to them for helping make this celebration possible. 


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Bethany exists to strengthen and assist women and children who are deprived of the basic resources required for natural and healthy growth and development.


625 Demott Avenue Baldwin, NY 11510


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