Coming back after COVID-19

Aside from the obvious health concerns and difficulties that COVID-19 brought upon Bethany House, another unfortunate side affect from the pandemic was that the volunteer and extracurricular activities that make our homes so lively and enjoyable for our guests had to come to a halt.  Recently, however, with safety protocols in place and the pandemic in a better place, we are so excited and grateful to bring all of these activities back with a boom! 

A Women's Empowerment Group has deeply engaged many of our guests, providing insightful activities for them to participate in.  Mindfulness Bingo, Would You Rather, Trivia Night, Vision Boards and Painting Birdhouses are all sessions that have been held for the women in our homes to facilitate a fun activity while providing therapeutic services to them.  

Reading partners, game night, financial literacy and movie night are other events that are underway at our houses.  Special thank you to all of our volunteers and interns who make these great events happen.  If you would like to volunteer with Bethany House, please visit