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As an extension of Bethany House’s Transitional Services, we’ve established a partnership with the Women’s Empowerment Institute (WEI) to empower our guests with job skills training and professional development. WEI was established in 2018 with the sole purpose of helping women gain meaningful employment that fundamentally changes their lives by improving their socioeconomic status. This helps reduce their need for social welfare support and improves the quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.

During this past year, Bethany House guests successfully completed the program and have been paired with mentors.  They are now in the process of preparing plans to continue their college education and begin their job search.  The guests found the training program to be very helpful in improving their job skills and are both very excited about their future! 

“As we began planning our Transitional Services Programs, we were looking to establish strategic partnerships with other like-minded and mission-driven organizations that could provide resources, skills, and networks that we were not able to provide on our own. WEI filled all of those needs perfectly and we are delighted with the progress we’ve already achieved,” said John Galante, Board of Directors Chairperson for Bethany House.

The Founder and Executive Board President of WEI, Gina Avila, said, “It has been a pleasure working with Bethany House guests. We have seen tremendous growth from both of them and look forward to seeing what the next few months has in store for them as they continue their education and job interviews. We look forward to meeting the next group of Bethany House guests that will be joining our program. Thank you, Bethany House for allowing us to be on their journey. The women who graduate from our program are empowered to reach their full potential because at WEI, “WE build a stronger “I”.

"We look forward to a long and successful partnership with WEI and we continue to expand and develop our Transitional Services for our guests.  This program will be sure to have a very positive impact on many lives, now and in the future," said Douglas O'Dell, Executive Director for Bethany House.  

For more information about WEI, please visit: https://www.wei-ny.org


Bethany House was so blessed this past year with the gifts and talent of Lauren Geddes Duff, a New York City interior designer who has worked in the design field for over 20 years. She came to us wanting to help our guests, who were transitioning out of our residence, into their own homes.

Lauren consulted with the guests, and their children, to figure out the pallet for the apartments, and then donated most of the furniture, artwork, decorations and necessities to fully equip their apartment. Once she had all the needed furnishings, she came to the apartment with her trusted handymen--often times her own children or Stephen and Ethan Melbinger.  They built the furniture (if needed), hung the artwork, and set everything up for our guests, transforming their new space into a comfortable, beautiful home.

She also redesigned and decorated two of our Bethany House living rooms and created a library/playroom for the children in one of our homes.

Lauren said, “I am enjoying my partnership with Bethany House, and hope to continue helping women and children in transition, by making their home a reflection of their taste and needs.”

Bethany House could not be more grateful to Lauren and her crew for all that they have done to help our women, and women with children, make a smooth transition into their new homes. We are forever grateful to her.


Bethany exists to strengthen and assist women and children who are deprived of the basic resources required for natural and healthy growth and development.


625 Demott Avenue Baldwin, NY 11510


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